Wildlife of Serengeti, Tanzania (April 2024)

Come along on our amazing trip to Tanzania's Serengeti in April 2024! Our safari was a big success! We had an awesome time taking pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. We got loads of great photos of big five and countless others.

In this album, you'll see all the highlights of our adventure. From stunning sunsets to close-ups of animals in action, every photo tells a story of our unforgettable journey. Get ready to be amazed by the beauty of the Serengeti!

Album (39):

TIP: When setting up a wildlife photography shot, prioritize patience and observation. Find a hide or vantage point for a clear view. Use a telephoto lens for close-ups while maintaining a safe distance. Consider the animal's behavior and habitat. Be ready to capture fleeting moments.

In portrait (15):

In landscape (24):

To capture great wildlife photos, research your subjects' behavior, use suitable equipment like telephoto lenses, and master camera settings for sharp, well-exposed images. Practice patience, waiting quietly for the right moment. Focus on the eyes for connection and emotion. Capture dynamic action with fast shutter speeds. Pay attention to composition and utilize natural light for appealing shots. Tell a story through your images, showcasing moments of intimacy or interaction. Above all, respect wildlife and their habitat, prioritizing their welfare over getting the perfect shot.